Get ready to fight some titans, bro.

Character Creation

For this game you’ll need: A set of dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and two d20s.

Given Circumstances

At this point in time, we enter wonky continuity; things don’t necessarily have to happen as they do in the canon. Now that we have control of this world, anything can happen.

It is spring in the year 845, and you are just about to start your training to become soldiers. The walls that surround humanity’s territory haven’t been breached for 100 years. You are training in Wall Maria’s training facility, between Shiganshina and Ingstad (East of Shiganshina). This is where we will begin.

Below is a map of humanity’s territory, along with the names of different districts and villages. Start thinking about where your character is from.


Not listed on this map are the small villages located inside the walls but outside the walled districts. Here listed are some villages:
Wall Maria: Dauper Village, Baer Village, Bloch Village, Dorn Village
Wall Rose: Kindl Village, Maisel Village, Nachtigal Village, Schreiner Village

Attack on Titan 5e

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